Victoria Baths

05. 04. 2010 at 21:51

Victoria Baths, ManchesterI’ve neglected my blog here so though I’d update with a recent photography excursion – yesterday in fact. I ventured out to Manchester Victoria Baths – a fascinating restoration project taken on by locals when the baths closed in 1993.

The Baths has a small entrance charge (£2 at the time of writing) and offers free guided tours around the premises. Unlike most NT and English Heritage buildings you’re free to wander around with a camera, even tripod, and take photos. The Victorian fixtures are brilliant subjects to photograph. Wandering around is almost like urban exploration, but without the trespass element.  Derelict areas, partly restored, old glazed tiles vivid green and fabulous coloured stain glass windows, rusty metal works, broken showers, taps, buzzers, victorian electrics, old flaky doors – it’s almost an urbex dream.

Victoria Baths, Manchester

The volunteers are really helpful and there’s a cafe serving baked potatoes with Chilli, Beans or Cheese and sandwiches, along with some great home made cakes.

Allow a couple of hours and be prepared to shoot loads of tripod mounted HDR brackets.

Victoria Baths, Manchester

Reunited with the Hi-Fi

01. 01. 2010 at 17:00

cambridge audio id10 ipod dockI started backing up my CDs using iTunes about two years ago.  The one thing that concerned me was playing them on the iPod didn’t seem like the sound from my trusty hifi through my Linn speakers.

I’m not a Hi-Fi buff, but I do like a decent sound…and the iPod has always been a bit too shallow for my liking.

Recently I hooked it up to the hifi using a jack to two phono through the headphone socket. The sound was better, but still nothing to write home about, and the volume varied from track to track. So I started to look around for an ipod dock…and the first one I came across was the Cambridge Audio iD10. What grabbed me about this was the price…£14.95 from Richer Sounds.

According to a mate, you can easily spend up to two grand on kit to play digital files through the hifi, so 15 quid seemed like a no brainer. I popped along to Mr Richer’s shop in Sheffield and bought one. It doesn’t come with a remote or cable, but I already had the cable, and I’ll access my 5000+ tracks via shuffle. So I parted with £15 and as I write I’m  enjoying the sounds of Unkle.

Just thought I’d let you know that the sound is excellent, the build is good and the price is top!

It’s here if you’re interested in reading more about it: Cambridge Audio iD10 iPod dock

The iD10 is certainly a  Mr Bargh Highly Recommended gadget.

Häagen-Dazs ad – music by Richard Hawley

17. 10. 2009 at 22:13

For Richard Hawley London Roundhouse 2007those who watched X-Factor tonight and managed to stick it through the ads each break you may have enjoyed the melodic track accompanying the new  Häagen-Dazs advert. It happens to be from one of my favourite relaxing musicians Richard Hawley. The track titled Open Up Your Door can be heard on last fm.  It’s not, in my opinion, his strongest track, but it suits the ad perfectly. Now if you want a really good Richard Hawley track try this one: The Sun Refused to Shine – shear genius!

Oh, and he’s from my home town of Sheffield…all the best people came from the Steel City 😉

Find out more about Richard Hawley on his official web site

tauchsieder – Louder

03. 09. 2009 at 15:22

I bought the Louder CD by tauchsieder a few weeks ago in a sale at Head (ex Zavvi)  in Meadowhall. I’d never heard of them but it was one of those lucky stumble upons. If you like unusual slower music that’s verging on ambient you’ll find this a great album. What’s even better is having looked around I spotted it is now available for free download along with both tauchsieder’s other two CDs on here: tauchsieder