Photo365 – Day 356 – Sunset Guitar

22. 12. 2011 at 15:32

If you’ve followed my photo365 you will know I’m a fan of shallow focus, and bolting things on the front of a camera that weren’t designed to be bolted on. My latest purchase is an 85mm f/1.8 Canon FD lens. You can buy lenses of this type on eBay for far less than the modern versions. And this one is much lighter too. I’ll eventually get a Nikon or Pentax version (as I don’t like the FD lens mount) but this was such a bargain I couldn’t let it go.

It’s attached to the front of an Olympus Pen E-P2 with a cheap Chinese adaptor. I added a 15mm extension tube to allow the closer focus. The shot is taken with the lens wide open.

I was photographing the neck then I saw the out of focus highlight and adjusted position so it sat in the dip of the guitar’s body. It reminds me of a sunset. I focused on the thicker E string. I’m going to have fun using this lens. I just wish the EP2 would have the magnified view when focusing manual lenses as it’s quite a challenge to focus using the screen at 100%.

Photo365 – Day 355 – Scooby, where are yooooou?

21. 12. 2011 at 15:35

Having been inspired by the pepper splash series that Dave Ovendon posted a few years ago on ePHOTOzine , Ive been meaning to have a go myself. My first recollection of this type of photography was a brilliant photo posted by iraddict way back in the early days of ePHOTOzine. It was a green toy with a comical face.

So I had two initial things to do before attempting this. One to buy a suitable container to do the drops. I found a low cost fish tank in B&M (about £13) – I then went on the hunt for a toy. I wanted soemthing that would look good under water with bubbles around it that was also quite humorous. I tried Toys R Us first with no joy, then a number of lesser know toy shops around Sheffield, Worksop, Lincoln, Doncaster.

Eventually found Scooby with in a kit with some slime and Velma (glasses not lost at this stage) and only £3.

Today I performed a test run using a standard 1 litre glass measuring jug and two flashguns. The water isn’t clean enough so I will have to fill the fish tank with distilled water.

The flashes were placed at each side of the jog one was set to auto as the main trigger and the other was a Vivitar 283 with a vari power module set to 1/32 power. I did a quick test and found f/13 was the right exposure.

I then dropped Scooby from quite a height and triggered as he hit the water. A few shots later I had determined when to press the shutter and also that dropping from a close distance resulted ion a cleaner set of bubbles.

Here’s the best one from the test.

Photo365 – Day 354 – Stand still

20. 12. 2011 at 19:32

I went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park for a few hours today. Took a bag full of Pentax kit and the iPhone. I love using the iPhone. If only you could control focus and exposure – it would be even better.
I came back with just short of 400 shots. I saw some new sculptures today by Joame Plensa – I’ve uploaded one to the gallery – Spiegel, 2010. His work is fascinating top look at, and photograph. Well worth a trip over if you like sculptures.

This one is by Chinese Artist Sui Jianguo, it’s a representation of the tunic worn by Chairman Mao.

As I approached I spotted a robin perched on top looking at me. I took this photo with the iPhone and then proceeded to get my Pentax out. It had the 12-24mm on and I needed to switch to the 80-320mm as I unmounted the lens (quietly) the robin flew off. Missed a good one!

Photo365 – Day 353 – Tired old bear

19. 12. 2011 at 23:57

I sometimes get inspiration from photos in galleries or stores. While in B&Q last week I saw a framed photo of a bear in a bed. So I thought I’d get my old old friend out and photograph him. This is the bear I had as a kid. It was already quite old when I got him – I think it’s from the 50s.

The photo I saw was a clean and bright “chocolate box” shot…not what I had in mind. I wanted a bed time sleepy image. So I used the bedside light as a backlight and a torch to fill in around the front. The exposure was about two seconds which gave me enough time to paint over the arm, face, pillow and sheet. I did several until I got the desired effect. The light in the eye was important.

Taken on the Olympus E-P2 with a Chinese Leica M adaptor attached and a Minolta Rokkor 28mm which was made for their CLE.

Photo365 – Day 352 – Power

18. 12. 2011 at 18:03

Today seemed to be a day of power. It started when I decided to go on a bike ride. I haven’t been on the bike for a few weeks and some areas where quite a struggle on my route. Mostly flat, but the hills hurt and power was certainly needed in the legs.

I cycled up the canal from Worksop towards Chesterfield and got as far as Kiverton Park. Here I photographed the old colliery – a symbol of mining past and power fuel. I then took a circular route back passed the wind turbines near Harthill. I stopped to photograph them backlit by the low winter sun. As I was taking photos an airplane appeared in shot, and I quickly managed to get this one -seconds later the plane was behind the turbine and the moment gone. The shot brings together two forms of powers.

I cropped the photo taken on the Olympus E-P2 and darkened it to bring out the rim light edge.

I continued my journey and was passed by a car, seconds later I saw the car stop. As I approached it was in the middle of the road with the front end crushed and oil leaking onto the road. In front was a four wheel with a small dent. The women driver of the 4×4 was saying she’d only come this way because a crash further up the road had blocked the road. I looked and in the distance I could see another pair of cars head to head. The same stretch of road seems to be perilous.

I cycled passed feeling relieved that I was on a push bike. The second pair was an older guy in a 4×4 and a young lad in a small car that, like the previous one, was well and truly crunched in the front (but this one was also rammed backwards into the steep bank so the back end was a bit wrecked too. Seems like 4x4s may not just be good for getting around the countryside, but also protecting you in a head to head!
I couldn’t help thinking power in the wrong hands maybe?

I wore my Stealth Gear coat which allowed me to carry the Olympus E-P2 in one of the pockets, while spare lenses and the iPhone were each in another pockets.

Photo365 – Day 351 – How much?

17. 12. 2011 at 16:29

Sometimes there’s a limit to what you need to do to promote something. In this case the price of the car wash service is stated five times. I was tempted to go up and ask how much the car wash service was…like the sketch where the person goes into Poundland and asks how much something is.

Photo365 – Day 350 – pomegranate

16. 12. 2011 at 17:58

The pomegranate brings back childhood memories of the unusual fruit I’d have between bonfire night and Christmas. We used to have a fruit and veg van come round our estate and I’d always go with mum to help carry back the goods. Pomegranates were the fruit I looked forward to (along with fizzy pop and a curly wurly). It was fun to eat with a pin and very juicy. I didn’t know at the time (or care), but they also have plenty of nutritional value
Pomegranates are rich in vitamin C and B5. They have high fibre content, if you eat the seed and not just the surrounding flesh. They have also been found to reduce heart disease, and some class them as one of the “super fruits” In the last few years pomegranate juice has increased shelf space in supermarkets.

So that’s some facts…now my photo. As I ripped into one today I decided to halt consumption and photography it.

I no longer bother with the pin, I just pull back a segment and lever off a clump of seeds with a finger. For photography purpose I used a knife to remove as much of the pulp as I could to reveal the rich red seeds, with as many visible as possible.

I then placed the prepared pomegranate on a white transparent surface and shone light through from the back. Lighting the front with a ring light. The shots were clean and technically ideal for stock, but artistically poor so I decided to introduce a pot pourri background. And here’s the result.

Photo365 – Day 349 – Work’s Christmas do

15. 12. 2011 at 22:31

Or my pair of bowling shoes taken today on the ePHOTOzine Christmas staff outing. We played four gamed of bowls followed by lunch at TGI Friday’s (I had surf and turf) and then a few of us went on for drinks in Worksop.

The shoes are normally really grubby, but I was fortunate enough to be dished out what appeared to be a brand spanking new pair. I scored my lowest score for years at 91, and two games later I scored 163 – the highest score of anyone over the four games…did I say I was competitive! Wink

Taken with the fisheye lens on the iPhone.

Photo365 – Day 348 – Worksop Cinema Phase 8

14. 12. 2011 at 15:56

It’s been three weeks since my last cinema record shot, and you can see it’s now starting to take shape, with glass mirrored windows up the front and side. This promises to be an interesting building for reflections when it’s complete.
Taken using HDR mode on iPhone but I appear to have moved between shots so we have dodgy edge detail 🙁

Photo365 – Day 347 – hedgehog

13. 12. 2011 at 17:44

Two hedgehogs drowned in my small “wildlife friendly” pond last year. I hope this one survives. He’s close to a fairly busy road and a field, so turn the wrong way and he may be a pancake, go the other and he has a vast area to enjoy.

iphone and hipstamatic from the ground shot.