Photo365 – December set

31. 12. 2011 at 02:33

Here is the final of 12 sets of pictures from my photo365 project. This one covers the month of December 2011

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Photo365 – Day 365 – Happy New Year

31. 12. 2011 at 02:00

I was intending writing Happy New Year with a sparkler for my last photo365. But I’m going to be rather busy this evening so I thought I’d have a go now as it’s technically the last day, even though it’s only half one in the morning!

So I set the Olympus E-P2 up on a tripod and used a torch to help focus on the bird table which will be at a similar distance to me. And then I set the 14-42mm to wide angle to ensure a good space. I did a few practice dry runs writing the message.

The camera was set to manual exposure and a 30second shutter speed and f5 aperture. I set the timer to 12 seconds to give me enough time to light the sparkler and then position myself ready in front of the camera.

In my few attempts I found it hard to write the three words clearly. So I decided to try the wire wool light orb technique, using a sparkler instead of wool. I attached one to a piece of string and made a knot in the string so I knew where to hold it.

A few test shots and I worked out that a 20sec exposure was enough time to do a complete orb…and I’m quite pleased with the result.

In the New Year I will combine the orb technique with a star trail and painting with light.

Well that’s it for me…one picture every day for the last year. I nearly gave up several times, but can now feel proud of my achievement, thanks for viewing.

In 2011 I have taken 17699 photographs (many more if you count those I have deleted along the way) That’s equivalent to nearly 492 rolls of 36 exposure film – nine rolls per week. It’s the most I’ve ever taken in my 30 years as a photographer. While many of the photos were taken near or in my home I’m pleased with the variety, especially as I lead a busy work life.

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for your contribution in making ePHOTOzine a success.

And here’s that failed new year sparkler message

Photo365 – Day 364 – bokeh

30. 12. 2011 at 19:27

When you photograph highlights out of focus they create blobs of colour. The shape and size of the blob is dependent on the aperture configuration of the lens and the focusing point. They best looking ones are with lenses with more blades so a circle is created.
I bought a couple of red Christmas candles for a specific shot, and here it is.

I defocused the Christmas lights and set the camera up at the defocused distance. I then placed the candle in the line of fire so it was sharp. I then moved the camera position (left right up down) so the candle was in the best place in the frame.

This is trying out some old Canon FD lenses on the Olympus E-P2. The main one for my photo365 has round Bokeh created with a very old breach lock 100mm f/2.8.

I’ve also included one taken with the 500mm mirror lens (giving a 1000mm effective focal length…mirror lenses are known for their doughnut shaped highlights and this shot shows that off to the full.

Photo365 – Day 363 – Raining

29. 12. 2011 at 17:35

My older son came up to stop over. We went for a bike ride yesterday and a curry in the evening. Today it rained all day so we had a few battles on Call of Duty MW3. Then we headed into town so he could check out some trainers. The rain on his black car looked interesting so I took a few shots from different angles and liked this one the most of the rear light and body.

Photo365 – Day 362 – Phonebox

28. 12. 2011 at 18:58

I cycled around Clumber Park today and took this shot in Hardwick village through the window of an old red phone box.
It’s a mix of reflections and see through grotty glass areas.

Photo365 – Day 361 – Eyes on you

27. 12. 2011 at 22:55

I spent a day in Nottingham looking round the sales. I always call in Fopp records, and today picked up the old film by Ken Russell – Altered States on dvd and a Sigur Ros deluxe limited edition of með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. That was easier to copy and paste than try and type!

I spotted this poster outside Fopp and hung around a few minutes until someone past. It’s a new film / lens combination on the iPhone and I like the sepia tones and treatment that are mainly generated by the Libatique 73 lens from the Cowboys and Aliens FreePak

Photo365 – Day 360 – babies

26. 12. 2011 at 17:54

I decide to go for a walk to get some fresh air after a full day easting and drinking. So the Boxing Day walk was around Whisby Nature Park nr Lincoln.
The cafe was open so I called in for a bacon and and sausage sarnie and then had a look round their lower floor Our Changing World Exhibition.
And that’s were I found this scary pair. I’ll probably use the photo (taken with the iPhone) in a layer in a montage at some point but for now it’s part of my photo365 project.


Photo365 – Day 359 – stuffed

25. 12. 2011 at 16:16

Lazy day today after lovely Christmas dinner, so I decided to photograph the bottle of bubbly that we drank to celebrate over lunch.

Photo365 – Day 358 – Marbles

24. 12. 2011 at 10:30

When I was a little boy I used to play with marbles a lot. As well as the usual games I invented my own. I used to roll them off the top of the stairs and watch them bounce down and see how far they would go. I then started adding obstacles, things that I had to try and hit. So they bounced down and then flew past or knocked down things.

I passed this on to my kids and they loved playing. The game developed…you lost points if they didn’t make it all the way down the stairs, and you gained points for knocking down things (and we added an extra level – things you had to land on).

The marbles were split into colours so we could see who did what. We would set either a time limit or a number of runs and the one with the highest score at the end would win.

What was good about this is it got them away from the electronic gadgets for a bit and brought back a bit of the traditional values.

As the Christmas break approaches, I looked in the games cupboard to dig out Trivial Pursuit. I found the bag of marbles. The kids are grown up now…I wonder if they will show their kids how to play our game, or will the electronics world have totally removed any need for those old games.

Photo365 – Day 357 – Bauble

23. 12. 2011 at 13:59

I just did the standard bauble in shot Christmas card pic for ePHOTOzine. I used a red cloth background to add extra colour and make the lights go brighter. Here’s a version without. The background is the patio window. A reflector (nearby Christmas card) was used to fill light in on the bauble.

The Olympus E-P2 had a Canon 50mm f/1,4 mounted on the front (another of my cheap eBay finds. My gadget pile is building!

I guess most of you will be finishing/finished for the Christmas break, thanks for reading my blog so far this year…only a few days to go to hit my 365 target.