Photo365 – October set

31. 10. 2011 at 23:55

Here is the tenth of 12 sets of pictures from my photo365 project. This one covers the month of October 2011

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Photo365 – Day 303 – Alexplosion

30. 10. 2011 at 20:53

I was in Ikea’s cafe eating meatballs…yum…and spotted a curtain backdrop and instantly saw my picture of the day. Thanks to Alex for standing up in a crowded cafe and humouring me, much to her embarrassment. All in the name of art darlings! Wink

I took it with the iphone with Hipstmatic set to black & white film mode…giving it a subtle sepia hue in Lightroom

Photo365 – Day 302 – dreamscape

29. 10. 2011 at 08:16

I was taking photos of berries earlier this morning backlit against the morning sun using an old Pentax M series 80-200mm zoom on the K20D, and noticed the background tree shape, and decided to switch attention to the tree. Adjusting focus so it’s out but still recognisable is an interesting technique that’s worth trying for abstract views…quite dreamlike.

Photo365 – Day 301 – on the edge

28. 10. 2011 at 21:54

Stanage Edge this evening. I went to shoot the sunset and then star trails, the sunset was a bit lack lustre but the stars were out. I spent about an hour in the dark on the edge – it was, as seems usual up there, very windy. I heard sheep rustling around, bats (i think) flew over head, but nothing as scary as the other night in Clumber Park, so I was quite relaxed as I tripped the shutter after each 30 second exposure.

In one shot I’d set the tripod up from a low position and started taking shots. I then climbed up onto the rock that two of the tripod legs were resting on only to realise the tripod was leaning backwards and could have easily toppled over and crashed down 20 or so feet. The fun of in the dark photography!

The battery died and I didn’t have a spare with me, so the trail on this one is quite short. In the background to the right are the lights of Sheffield.

It’s a 28 exposure blend, with one frame illuminating the trig pojnt with the Joby GorillaTorch

It was quite a challenge getting down after I’d finished. What seemed like an easy way up disappeared after dark.
The Joby GorillaTorch came in handy again.

Photo365 – Day 300 – needle and thread

27. 10. 2011 at 16:49

Trying out a new combination of an old Vivitar 3x converter I just acquired and Pentax 100mm macro to create a 300mm f/8 macro lens. It lets you get really close (from a distance) Here’s one of the shots of a needle and cotton thread, photographed against the bristles of a cleaning brush that came with a food blender.

I’m one in 7 billion!

27. 10. 2011 at 12:46

According to a BBC calculator when I was born, I was the 3,097,956,430th person alive on Earth



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Photo365 – Day 299 – Post box

26. 10. 2011 at 22:24

An interesting evening started out at this post box on the road over to Thorpe Salvin. I’d been considering shooting this for a few weeks, and tonight the sky was right.

The only thing I hadn’t taken into consideration was cars. The post box is on a B road but I didn’t think it would be busy. I proceeded to shoot my series of 30sec intervals. I’d set up the Pentax K10D with the 12-24mm pointing upwards at the post box and made a first exposure with my Joby torch. On the second shot a car past and illuminated the post box, and field beyond. The torch wasn’t powerful enough to light the field so the car came in handy. It flooded the post box with light though.


So a bit of layer masking I could merge the car headlight illuminated field and the torch lit post box, the frames where blended using StarStaX.


I’d planned to shoot a one hour set but the timer I was using started playing up so I decided to quite early and go off to a new location.

I chose Clumber Park. Totally spooky out of the way location and in the evening in total darkness i could hear the sort of noises you hear in those horror films where a group of teenagers decided to camp out and all get slaughtered one by one. With my imagination running wild I decided it best if I didn’t stay around long, but I did get an interesting shot that I’ll post in the gallery.

Photo365 – Day 298 – Autumn sunlight

25. 10. 2011 at 16:33

Its low in the sky and despite the time of year still quite warm – I’m talking about the sun. And this shot is direct into the sun with a leaf in the foreground photographed using the infrared converted Pentax *ist D and 16-45mm zoom. I processed in lightroom to convert the red tone to brown – the flare is natural.

Photo365 – Day 297 – Neglected tomatoes

24. 10. 2011 at 16:58

I grew a tomato plant this year but then neglected it so never picked the baby toms. They’re still hanging on in there several months later! I took this photo of a clump using an infrared converted Pentax *ist D and 50mm f/1.4 and processed in Lightroom to give a black & white look.

Photo365 – Day 296 – Nike and Hephaestus

23. 10. 2011 at 22:40

A 5m high sculpture in front of Doncaster’s Keepmoat Stadium. I drove past and spotted a car boot sale outside the stadium, so went to see what was on offer. I found one stall selling magazines and was attracted to the cover of one with two free cover mount CDs. The cover had an Opeth taster, and a guy who looked Goth like. His head covered the name of the magazine so you could just see “Ter” and “er” I bought it for £1…I’m now the owner of a death metal mag with two cds of pure hell!

But back to the reason for today’s blog…the sculpture, by Andy Scott was catching the light well, so I used the iphone with Hipstamatic to record the view. Please with how it’s recorded the background clouds.