Photo365 – August set

31. 08. 2011 at 23:55

Here is the eighth of 12 sets of pictures from my photo365 project. This one covers the month of August 2011

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Photo365 – Day 243 – gravestones Tintagel

31. 08. 2011 at 19:14

We drove over to Tintagel to see the Castle and parked in the car park a short walk away from the St Materianas church. I was fascinated by the gravestones which had a lovely coating of fine light green lichen.

I took this shot with the Olympus EP-2 and added a gradient to the bland sky in Lightroom

Photo365 – Day 242 – shells on rocks

30. 08. 2011 at 19:13

The tide was out at Porth (Nr Newquay) when I walked over from Mawgan Porth. I wandered around looking for textures and spotted this interesting composition with a few shells

Taken with the handheld Olympus EP-2 and 14-42mm lens.


Photo365 – Day 241 Cornish wall

29. 08. 2011 at 19:10

This was taken on a coastal walk to Bedruthan Steps (29 August 2011). I went over to photograph the sunset but hadn’t done my research and the tide was fully in so I couldn’t get on to the beach. It’s at a spot on the way back to Mawgan Porth. I won’t take full credit for this one, my lad influenced the shot. I’d taken some photos of the wall and separate ones of the sunset and he’d been watching and said why don’t you take a shot from an angle and include the sunset. I could have kicked myself for missing an obvious opportunity.

It was taken with the Olympus Pen EP-2 and is a 5 frame HDR merged in Photomatix.

Photo365 – Day 240 – cliff tops

28. 08. 2011 at 19:09

I woke up at 7am this morning with the intention of going for a jog with my lad. His alarm went off but he went back to sleep. So I ran alone and headed over to Bedruthen Steps on the Coastal path. This shot was taken with the iphone of the view of the cliffs on the way over. It was the first and last time I wanted to jog early in the morning!

Photo365 – Day 239 – catch-up time

27. 08. 2011 at 19:04

I been away for the week in Cornwall. I didn’t have great access to internet so decided to leave the blog until I got back. So now, after catching up with all the work stuff, I’m going to catch up by posting photos I’ve taken each day for the photo 365 project.

The first one was taken on the night I arrived at our destination after an afternoon in Newquay. It’s a sunset on the beach at Mawgan Porth..

I decided to go light this holiday and just took the Olympus Pen EP-2 with 14-42mm and a vintage miniature but fully expandable Dia Tripod. The beach didn’t have a lot of interest so I’ve gone for the mirror effect on the still wet sand. And cropped slightly to elongate the result.

Photo365 – Day 238 – payback time

26. 08. 2011 at 15:20

So the Solar panels have been in for a week now, and today it’s rained most of the time so the energy being generated is a little low. But in one week I’ve fed 104Kwh back into the grid and despite using electricity in the house my house meter is 10 units back. So it’s starting to work. £50 earned so far and no electricity spent.

Today’s photo is a a shot of the new consumer unit with AC isolater and warning stickers.

Photo365 – Day 237 – levitation rehearsals

25. 08. 2011 at 20:04

I decided to start to improve on my levitation skills. So this evening I cycled off into Clumber to do some woodland levitation.

I’ve admired the work of the highly creative ePHOTOzine member Beckas and the world famous Miss Aniela, but a few weeks ago I stumbled on the work of a Japanese photographer yowayowacamera Her work is more raw and natural everyday looking. So I’m going to attempt to recreate that look.

In my practice run I realised it can be done in daylight without flash but a fast shutter speed is necessary and tonight the light wasn’t bright enough without going in to the higher noisy ISO settings of the Olympus EP2. So I had a choice of noisy or blurred. I took several pics with each option and preferred noisy.

Then you have issues with timing. I was alone so the camera was mounted on a mini tripod and the self timer set. I jumped after a count of four when the red light started to flash. Being in the right place at the right moment using this method is hard work.

And then thirdly the big skill is adopting a natural looking mid flight pose. I had shots with buttocks clenched, tongue out, hands stretched unnaturally, fists clenched, neck tensed and just about any other unnatural looking features. Look at the work of that Japanese girl she’s incredible. It’s as though someone has just picked her up bent a few joints and stuck her on the spot. That as you see if you have a go is quite a talent in itself.

To get the height I positioned a sawn log just out of view and jumped up off that to give me a bit of a higher starting point.

This is my best attempt…noisy, chopped off limb, and slightly unnatural pose but it’s not too bad!

Photo365 – Day 236 – hand painting

24. 08. 2011 at 18:27

A simple idea where you desaturate part of the picture and make it look as though you are painting colour onto it.
I set the Olympus E-P2 camera up on a tripod and on the two second delay. Positioned the left hand in shot so the camera could focus on the correct position and then pressed the shutter and moved my right hand in to place to do the painting.
I then opened the photo in Photoshop duplicated the layer, created a layer mask on the duplicate. Desaturated the layer and then erased the mask so the colour layer below showed through in the necessary areas. I used a brush with a rough edge to paint the mask away so it looked more like paint.

I also selected the skin colour as the brush paint colour and painted that onto the bristles of the brush so it looked like it was loaded with paint.

Photo365 – Day 235 – blurred vision

23. 08. 2011 at 18:06

I bought a Micro 4/3rd to T2 adaptor to use on my Olympus E-P2 the other day. I was messing around with different lenses and added a El Nikkor 50mm f/4 enlarging lens on the front. I just held it in place and it provided a very close focus. Infinity was way out of focus. I could move it forwards to blur even more.

I started to experiment with the out of focus views and wandered around the house looking for interesting abstracts.

This was one of them…a reading lamp.

There’s a skill to getting out of focus subjects looking interesting. I hope you think I achieved that here.