Photo365 – Day 142 – The throne

22. 05. 2011 at 22:51

Often referred to as the throne, the toilet is not the most scenic subject, but this evening I saw the light!
As the sun set it passed though the bathroom window and caught a shaving mirror which just happened to be positioned so it bounced the light onto the toilet seat. The bathroom glass is patterned and this pattern and the reflection from the mirror have fragmented the light into an amazing collection of shimmering patterns. I liked it so much I rushed for the camera. The light was gone in minutes.
I got the shot I wanted – an abstract with the edge of the seat cutting through the frame, tonight that seat did look like a throne.
The photo forms part of my photo365 project

Photo365 – Day 141 – The night time tipple

21. 05. 2011 at 20:59

In one of my earlier photo365 blogs I posted a shot of my breakfast drink a small glass with a dissolved aspirin. Tonight I photograph my evening tipple, a glass of red wine. They say it does wonders for the heart, so I’m pleased about that.

Hope everyone’s having a good night.

Photo365 – Day 140 – No Consideration

20. 05. 2011 at 17:41

Our local canal, home to fish, waterfowl and scum. Why do people have to throw their crap on the floor, or in this case the water? Across the other side a baby coot swam around a plastic bottle to get to his nesting area.
Tragic! It’s a shame we are as tolerant of these people.

Photo365 – Day 139 – No Parking

19. 05. 2011 at 21:37

I went over to Sheffield today to do some work with the Tamron 18-270mm lens. While I was out I spotted this interesting arrangement. Nothing was moved, all as found.

The shot is part of my photo365 project where I take a photo each day for 365 days. So far so good!

Photo365 – Day 138 – Wilduck cafe

18. 05. 2011 at 21:27

Taken today while having a coffee in the Wilduck cafe at the Turbine. I was looking at a new camera from Casio and pointed it in the direction of Stacy who was doing a bit of chin stoking. I like the pose.
It’s for my photo365 project which is over a third of the way now!

What was she thinking? This would make a great caption competition…feel free to add yours captions below.

Photo365 – Day 137 – Letter S

17. 05. 2011 at 20:57

Letter S is a photo taken on its side of a living room table for my photo365 project.

Photo365 – Day 136 – Letter R

16. 05. 2011 at 21:40

Today’s photo365 pictures is part of my alphabet series and is the trigger of a sealant gun that forms the letter R.

Photo365 – Day 135 – Miniature Mini

15. 05. 2011 at 20:00

Another shot while performing my mini review of the NeinGrenze 5000T tilt shift digital compact. Its fixed tilt shift lens produces shots with centre focused and lower upper areas progressively out of focus and distorted giving a miniature effect that’s becoming quite popular (Eurovision Song Contest even used the technique in video mode on their location cuts between acts).
You need to shoot from a slight height and to do that in flat Lincolnshire I had to find the nearby multi story car park overlooking the Brayford Waterfront marina in Lincoln.
It’s part of my photo365 project.

Photo365 – Day 134 – Pinhole on EP2

14. 05. 2011 at 21:19

Playing with the Pinwide (pinhole lens) from Chicago today on the Olympus EP2. Here’s a shot of a bridge near the toll bridge on the A57 heading towards Lincoln. It’s part of my photo365 project.

Photo365 – Day 133 – clematis

13. 05. 2011 at 18:52

The clematis is out, and it’s raining – cue tonight’s photo. Clematis flower on a wet patio table.