Photo365 – March Set

31. 03. 2011 at 23:59

Here is the third of 12 sets of pictures from my photo365 project. This one covers the month of March 2011

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Photo365 – Day 90 – Good News?

31. 03. 2011 at 19:58

A trip to the hospital today to have an EMG / Nerve Conduction test and I have to say it hurt! Quick fire electric shocks up the arm like putting your fingers in a plug socket over and over again. We’ll not quite as powerful, but I certainly felt it. Must have been 50 or so shocks.

Also on the subject of numbers I was intrigued to hear on the radio today that there are an estimated two million potholes on the roads at the moment that need fixing. Who counted them?!

And today when testing flash I needed to position a head 2 meters away from the wall and guestimated the distance before measuring accurately and I was surprised I got it bang on. Who says men always incorrectly estimate when giving measurements?!

Back to the point of the thread…my picture of the day.
It’s from the Sheffield Royal Hallamshire Hospital. This is the area where you catch the lift, and is now used as a waiting room.

It’s doesn’t feel right waiting in the lift area, but was certainly less crowded than a typical waiting room. It’s twice the width of this. The woman was on the phone…good news I wonder? I hope mine is when the test come back.

Taken with my iphone and the hipstamatic app.

Photo365 – Day 89 – sploosh

30. 03. 2011 at 22:16

I’m playing around with the portable studio flash we have in for test some more and have no started to try the fp mode which promises 7 frames per second. I wondered if it can do more and tried it with the new Sony Alpha A55 with its 10fps mode. It can’t keep up! But few flash system could.

Here’s one of tonight’s shots. I’m going back to do more now and aim to get a better version (need to play with the position of the light some more) but thought I’d get my daily photo365 photo out so I can continue into the night uninterrupted.

Photo365 – Day 88 – Self Portrait

29. 03. 2011 at 21:17

I’m currently testing a new portable studio flash and before I go out I’m getting familiar at home…and that means good old me as the subject. This was taken a few minutes ago in my office. I underexposed to reduce the detail in the background and give the stark effect.

Photo365 – Day 87 – The path you take

28. 03. 2011 at 21:36

Taking a photo each day for 365 days is an interesting challenge and some days it’s quite unusual how you get to you photo idea. Today I was looking at a book on self portraits for ePHOTOzine’s book reviews section. I went to find the Amazon link and street price on the Internet. I searched the book title, and ended up pursuing a few sites with self portrait photos. One had a cool shot of a hand firing a cable release with the person in the background. It gave me an idea and as I’m testing a studio flash at the moment an opportunity to take a few more shots with the light. And the result is this.

I’ve intentionally made it dark and hopefully moody. I’ve added a texture layer too. The scratches on my hand and grubby thumbnail are a result of some gardening which has added to the overall feel of the photo. The item I’m holding is an old mechanical cable release.

Photo365 – Day 86 – Balloons

27. 03. 2011 at 19:05

I’m in the process of reviewing a new portable studio flash head and was just getting familiar with the settings. This was taken as a quick test. The main pics will be done next week.
It’s just a few balloons scattered on the floor and the light was held in one hand and the camera in the other.
Pentax K10D with 16-45mm lens.

Photo365 – Day 85 – touch phone

26. 03. 2011 at 23:58

A moment in the pub as the person was checking facebook or something similar that interrupts human interaction.

This is part of my photo365 project which can be followed daily throughout the year and taken with a mobile phone.

Photo365 – Day 84 – Stubborn Cat

25. 03. 2011 at 18:53

My cat never likes having his photo taken. He always seems to turn away when the lens is pointed at him. There’s no way I could get him to sit and pose. Yesterday I’d planned to take a portrait. I followed him around the garden. He sat down I pointed the camera…he got up and walked to another spot. He laid down, I pointed the camera – he turned his head. I moved position he turned back. He is Simon’s cat!

Anyway today I was out taking some shots with and of a tripod I was testing and I saw him watching. So I pointed the camera around and took a crafty grab shot. He didn’t have time to work out I’d turned my attention on him. Gotcha!

As it’s a rarity I’ve made it my photo of the day for my photo365 project. His name’s Diesel.

Photo365 – Day 83 – Through the door

24. 03. 2011 at 18:48

was trying different lens combinations on a Nikon D700. I was using an unusual adaptor that used to be made by BPM that allows a male and female mount to be attached back to back. With the adaptor and suitable mounts you can attach any lens to any body. I tried enlarging lenses using a Leica 39mm adaptor, then screw thread lenses using an M42 adaptor, then an old Pentax 135mm f/3.5 lens using a K mount. It was at this point that I took the photo that will be today’s photo365 picture.

It’s a really simple shot but I like the way the light hits the surfaces creating a really striking abstract. It’s a door frame with the light on the edge( the vertical line), and in the background is an out of focus open curtain. and window. This was the first shot I took and lead me to do a series of abstracts all featuring simple designs of interiors, all abstract and all bold like this.

It’s out of the camera with no editing, full frame, no exposure adjustments, no colour change.

Photo365 – Day 82 – Planets

23. 03. 2011 at 17:33

Just a bit of fun today, a macro shot of the surface of a lemon taken with an old 75mm enlarging lens on a 200mm extension tube. I thought it looked like the surface of a planet so shot at the edge and then merged a shot of the moon I took recently (blurred to make it look more realistic.

And all converted to black & white