Photo365 – Day 50 – Glow Sticks and Pen

19. 02. 2011 at 18:56

I started off taking photos of glow stick patterns, and then I added a Biro to see how much light they projected, this then turned into the main focus of my photo. To make things more visually interesting I switched the Biro for an ink pen.
A glow stick was placed at each side of the nib and just out of frame to give the outline while two more where held above the pen to fill in the top area.

Photo365 – Day 49 – music night

18. 02. 2011 at 23:31

Had a recording session with Sound of Flak this evening so I thought I’d do one of my abstract instrument shots. This is of the Roland V-Synth with the Apple Mac in the background. It’s processed using Lightroom to get the cool effect.

Photo365 – Day 48 – lamp

17. 02. 2011 at 20:43

This was taken as a quick grab shot before a meeting today. I used a small Fuji point & shoot compact. And used Lightroom to add grain and tone give it a Victorian postcard feel.

Photo365 – Day 47 – fossil on slate

16. 02. 2011 at 20:05

I used to go to the East Coast for my family holidays as child, Skipsea to be precise. It was a great location for finding fossils as the coastline suffered badly from erosion each year. I remember finding lots of interesting fossils on walks with my mother.

Last year I returned and the road our caravan was on has been taken by the sea but the coastline looks similar, there’s just several yards less of it. I found this fossil on the same part of the coast, and today decided to photograph it on a slate background. The brown patch to the upper left is a crushed leaf that has been on the slate for a number of years.

Photo365 – Day 46 – Window

15. 02. 2011 at 21:44

It’s been raining all day and making those small pattering sounds on the window. So here’s my window looking out. Focus is on the reflections of the background tree in the drops. A wide aperture was used to make the tree branches totally out of focus and abstract in look.

Photo365 – Day 45 – Cookie

14. 02. 2011 at 16:24

As it’s Valentine’s Day I have taken a still life of a cookie for my daily Photo365 Project. I used a torch to illuminate the cookie and give it a warm glow. It was placed on a wooden bread board.

Photo365 – Day 44 – Snowdrop

13. 02. 2011 at 20:45

It’s that time of year when the snowdrops poke through the still hardened soil.

I like these first signs of spring. I have a few in the garden. When I say few it’s just that..three clumps of two or three flowers on each.

So choosing the right one didn’t take much time, but also didn’t give me much scope to pick one with a good shape or decent background.

Having said that I’m happy with the result, taken using a Pentax K10D and 10mm macro lens.

It’s my first natural flower shot of my photo365 project…no doubt others will follow.

Photo365 – Day 43 – Chasing rainbows

12. 02. 2011 at 22:59

Well I wasn’t actually chasing a rainbow, I was after a sunset, but once again it failed to materialise on one of the edges in Derbyshire. This evening I went on Stanage Edge, and saw some spectacular light, stormy weather, sunbursts, dramatic clouds and this rainbow.

I just had the Olympus EP2 with me with its 17mm attached so had to take what I could. The light started to get really good towards sunset and then the cloud came and put a stop to it. Enjoyed jumping and climbing about on rocks.

Photo365 – Day 42 – Teppanyaki

11. 02. 2011 at 23:47

One of my best friends invited me out for a meal with them this evening…it was hard to refuse. A night at the jimja tree in Bawtry. This is an oriental restaurant mainly Japanese, with several areas to sit around and be cooked to!
The chef prepares the food and cooks it in front of you..and performs a set of tricks with the cooking utensils and eggs.

Eggs are juggled, slung and split, caught in the hat, bits of fried egg is tossed to you with open mouth in a game of catch, and many jokes thrown around as you watch the food appear and cook.

The food was incredible. I had Chicken Breast with Teriyaki Sauce and Fillett Mignon Steak with Yaki-Niku sauce, followed by Black Sesame Ice Cream. I’m now suitably stuffed.

My photo today is a snap shot taken using the Fujifilm F70 EXR of the chef starting to cook the various meats and fish for our table. It’s with flash as the ambient light was too low to avoid subject blur…and sadly the flash has delivered a hard shadow, but you get the idea.

Photo365 – Day 41 – Reflection in a bubble

10. 02. 2011 at 20:31

A bubble blown through the rear end of a bottle cleaner using Fairy Liquid.
It was the photographed with a macro lens and cropped further in Lightroom. The lighting was a single studio light with softbox attached.