Building an Igloo

11. 01. 2010 at 22:32

I decided this year I will try to do as many new things as I can. I’ve made a list of places in the UK that I haven’t been as part of that resolution and I will also be on the look out for new activities.

My first challenge, to break me in gradually, was something I’ve never done with snow before..and that’s to build an igloo. I’ve done snow men and snow sculptures before but never attempted an igloo.

I also decided to record the building of the igloo photographically and then shoot the built igloo at night with an inner glow. I’ve uploaded the result in my portfolio and the rating is favourable, so I’m pleased with that.

I’ve also written how to do it on my foliopic site blog Building an Igloo so you can get an idea a) how to build an igloo, b) how to photograph one and c) view one of the strengths of a foliopic site’s article system.

Stopped for taking photo on a bridge

07. 01. 2010 at 12:32

traffic at night with Fuji FinePix F70EXRYes that’s right last night I was out in the dark taking a photo from a bridge running over a dual carriage way and I was stopped.

I was playing with the Fujifilm Finepix F70EXR compact’s Pro Low-light mode. It’s a great mode for shooting in low light with static subjects. It takes four shots in quick succession and merges them to create one lower noise and sharp image free from camera shake. It works well, but I wanted to see what would happen with car light trails, so I’d gone to the bridge to get an overhead view of passing cars.

I was holding the camera over the rail when a car slowed down and drove past. The driver and passenger were both looking at me. The car turned into a pull in a few yards up the road and stopped. Minutes later a woman got out of the car and came towards me. And asked if I was ok???

Ok, I guess that’s not what you expected this post be about, in the light of all the police and security issues that are topical at the moment, but it got you hooked 😉

It took me a few seconds to comprehend, and then I realised she may have thought I was about to jump? I’m not sure, but it was quite surreal, and also very encouraging that there are people around who care enough to stop and check.

And the picture I took? Well that was rubbish as you can see. I’ll stick to static shots for this mode, as it was intended.

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Reunited with the Hi-Fi

01. 01. 2010 at 17:00

cambridge audio id10 ipod dockI started backing up my CDs using iTunes about two years ago.  The one thing that concerned me was playing them on the iPod didn’t seem like the sound from my trusty hifi through my Linn speakers.

I’m not a Hi-Fi buff, but I do like a decent sound…and the iPod has always been a bit too shallow for my liking.

Recently I hooked it up to the hifi using a jack to two phono through the headphone socket. The sound was better, but still nothing to write home about, and the volume varied from track to track. So I started to look around for an ipod dock…and the first one I came across was the Cambridge Audio iD10. What grabbed me about this was the price…£14.95 from Richer Sounds.

According to a mate, you can easily spend up to two grand on kit to play digital files through the hifi, so 15 quid seemed like a no brainer. I popped along to Mr Richer’s shop in Sheffield and bought one. It doesn’t come with a remote or cable, but I already had the cable, and I’ll access my 5000+ tracks via shuffle. So I parted with £15 and as I write I’m  enjoying the sounds of Unkle.

Just thought I’d let you know that the sound is excellent, the build is good and the price is top!

It’s here if you’re interested in reading more about it: Cambridge Audio iD10 iPod dock

The iD10 is certainly a  Mr Bargh Highly Recommended gadget.