Häagen-Dazs ad – music by Richard Hawley

17. 10. 2009 at 22:13

For Richard Hawley London Roundhouse 2007those who watched X-Factor tonight and managed to stick it through the ads each break you may have enjoyed the melodic track accompanying the new  Häagen-Dazs advert. It happens to be from one of my favourite relaxing musicians Richard Hawley. The track titled Open Up Your Door can be heard on last fm.  It’s not, in my opinion, his strongest track, but it suits the ad perfectly. Now if you want a really good Richard Hawley track try this one: The Sun Refused to Shine – shear genius!

Oh, and he’s from my home town of Sheffield…all the best people came from the Steel City 😉

Find out more about Richard Hawley on his official web site richardhawley.co.uk

New model Chloe Bleackley proves to be a little star

04. 10. 2009 at 23:48

Chloe BleackleyI recently over heard my cardiac nurse saying “she wants to be a model” and couldn’t help push my nose in.  I soon found  out she was referring to up-and-coming model, Chloe Bleackley, who’d done some catwork work, but never modelled before. So I offered to take some shots to kick start her portfolio.

I spent Friday evening in the Turbine Studio with Chloe. It’s the first studio shoot I’ve done since the heart attack last year.

Chloe turned out to be far better than I expected for a first shoot. In fact, she was much better than some models who’ve been doing it for years.  She’s very alert to how models pose and has spent time watching TV etc to learn. So when she started moving I was gob-smacked at the ease of flow.

Happy as they come, but also capable of turning on a sultry pose.  I’m sure she’ll go far.

You can see Chloe on Model Mayhem here Chloe Bleackley

And a few photos from the shoot in my gallery pages here:  Chloe Bleackley

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I’m on my own

04. 10. 2009 at 23:30

My Cardiac Rehab exercise sessions are now over, I’ve been refereed to the local gym and I’m on my own. The sessions helped me understand my breathing. so I can now tell when I’m reaching a point that I shouldn’t go beyond. It’s far less strenuous levels than I’m used to, but means I can go swimming, cycling or longer distance walking with some degree of confidence.  I’m looking forward to visiting the plane wrecks on Bleaklow Moor soon.  I’ll be off swimming next weekend.
Next medical stage is a check up with my consultant in a couple of weeks.

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