Last FM

29. 12. 2006 at 02:58

Almost 3:00am and I’m ploughing through the unfinished sections of the site. Just finished Susumu’s discog while listening to Last FM’s electronic selection. I’ve also set up Google Analytics.

Wired up some more of my sound system yesterday too so I will soon be dabbling with electronic music. Waiting for delivery of an eBay purchase Alesis S4plus module.

Knackered so off to bed I go!

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27. 12. 2006 at 00:44

Boxing day was spent shopping in Meadowhall. It was crazily busy. I bought Da Vinci code on PS2 but i have not had chance to play it yet.
Worked out how to add Google Adsense to tonight…although it’s now tomorrow…time flies when you’re having fun!

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Some musical interlude

23. 12. 2006 at 11:03

I’ve been so busy at work preparing for the Christmas break that I haven’t had time to keep up my daily dose of blog.

An old interest has return big time! Electronic music. I was walking past my local Cash Converter type shop and spotted a Korg ER-1 gadget – £20, no power adaptor. Couldn’t turn that one down. I bought an adaptor, plugged in the gadget and found it delivers some amazing sounds. Now I’m back in must get a CD created mode. Over the next week I intend to produce some music in the same style as Plaid, FSOL etc. Who knows I may even end up with a bit of space on My Space (I’ve currently resisted the temptation!)

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Donna Nook

03. 12. 2006 at 11:54

Went over to Donna Nook on the North Lincs coast. It’s seal time and there are pups everywhere! I’m told 500 born so far! It’s the first time I’d been there. If you intend visiting it’s a busy place, loads of people in the fenced area. A lens in the 50-100 region is fine for the close seals, but 300mm is needed for the more isolated seals. The sun is low at this time of year so the fence casts shadows on the close ones, you also get shadows of anyone walking past so keep an eye out. Ask your partner friend to shadow a seal if you don’t want fence patterns. A flash would be useful too on half power to fill in the harsh low lever sun.

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New staff

03. 12. 2006 at 11:53

I’ve not had chance to write anything for a while. maintaining one of these things certainly needs discipline! Been busy recruiting and have now three new members for the MPL team, Duncan, Ben and David. We’re going to revamp ePHOTOzine so it’s bang up to date with technology!

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