A stroll around Sheffield

16. 12. 2014 at 22:22

Eventful afternoon with Gerald Garratty …within the space of about four hours I’d tried 7 dim sum dishes, stumbled on a crack den, met a graffiti artist, bought a sofa, traveled in a lift (that surprisingly was fully functional – including talking to us) in a derelict block of flats and wandered round one of Sheffield’s roughest areas without getting my camera nicked.

Dim Sum was at Wong Ting on Matilda Street in Sheffield. We met there at 12:30.

I’d only had bits of this type of food in the past and was keen to try a selection. Gerald ordered a selection marking them off on a paper sheet.

We had Prawn Dumplings
Char Sui Buns
Fish Ball & Mooli
Roasted Pork in Steamed Rice Balls
Pan Fried Radish Pastry with Chinese Sausages
Pan Fried Meat and Vegetable Buns
Deep Fried Mixed Meat Dough Balls

Then we decided to do a walk around the industrial area and down to the graffiti spot near the closed club Niche. We cut through the fence and found a guy huddled in a small derelict room. We moved past and a few minutes later he came out spooked by our presence. He was about to take cocaine and we’d disturbed him. We got talking and it turned out he was a graffiti artist and he showed us designs on his phone. They were cool. He plans to put them on shutters if commissioned so they stay in place rather than get pained over.

arm chair

The next stop was supposed to be Kelham Island but we took a detour over to Park Hill flats. Cant believe that although all the rows are fenced off and no one lives in them that the lifts are still fully functional. The light works, the voice works. We went to the top, and admired the view.


Next stop was through Wybourn Estate, just before we got there I spotted a sofa dealer and saw one that suited what I needed, so a few minutes deliberation and the credit card was out. . At Wybourn we got to hear a bloke call his friend a cunt.  We’d arrived!


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CodeIgniter and MVC links

01. 12. 2014 at 15:36

Just starting to learn MVC using CodeIgniter and thought I would save links to tutorials, tips and other things that I found useful along my journey.

Here’s a useful tutorial explaining in clear step by step How To Install CodeIgniter on an Ubuntu 12.04 Cloud Server.

How to Install CodeIgniter

My test/training environment is on local with a WAMP set up, and everything explained could still be used.
It covers installation of CodeIgniter (I’d already done that). Configuration of the database config file to be sure the set up connects to your mysql db.
Code snippet to clean up length urls by removing index.php and a bit of htaccess rewrite.

How to remove iPhone red dot message alert

22. 03. 2014 at 10:11

Have you recently found the red  dot above your iphone’s home screen green phone icon is not disappearing when you’ve check and deleted all your answer phone messages?

It seems it’s a quite common issue, but most of the answers on various forums don’t resolve the problem.

These include

    • Turning off cellular (Mobile) data
    • Turning it on and off again
    • Holding down the home screen button and the on / off switch to reset.
    • Calling your phone company and listing to the messages

None of these worked for me!

and I didn’t want to attempt another suggestion and do a complete factory rest of the phone

I found the answer was to phone my iphone from another phone and leave a message. Then call the message centre and listen to and delete the message.  The red dot went.

Hope that helps

Permalink changes lock you out of WordPress Admin?

13. 02. 2014 at 13:32

I had this problem and couldn’t work out what I’d done wrong

I installed WordPress in a .com/blog directory

It all went well. I could log in to admin and I could see the live blog. Then I went into Settings>Permalinks to change Default to Post Name and then when I saved changes I was directed to the log in page and the log in no longer let me in…and the public side didn’t work either.

If this happens to you it’s likely there’s something wrong with the .htaccess file and here’s a quick fix

delete your current .htaccess in the /blog directory
upload a new blank replacement .htaccess
set chmod permissions to 666
Log in to wp-admin and set permalinks to desired url structure
Return to .htaccess file and set permissions back to 644 for security

It should now work correctly

Hide your email address on Web Pages

12. 02. 2014 at 19:52

The catch 22 of displaying your email address on your web site is that the spammers will soon find it and your inbox will be filled with Viagra, Ugg boots and Penis enlargement emails even if you are a girl!

I have avoided displaying the emaill address in favour of a contact form but it’s not ideal because some visitors would prefer the standard email approach.

I found a really informative tech guy who’s posted a selection of methods sharing code that will Hide your Email Address on Web Pages.

You only need to have a very basic understanding of coding to implement any of these options.

Seo Tips

30. 01. 2014 at 12:46

Some really good myth busting tips and tricks to improve your site SEO. Surprising to read many of the techniques that the SEO gurus have been recommending for years are probably less valid than you think.

Really useful htaccess tips

29. 01. 2014 at 11:57

I was finding how to prevent a page being viewed via a line in the htaccess file and stumbled upon this really good collection of htaccess tips and tricks. I’ve added a few other to my htaccess file.

Lightroom error when trying to delete images

10. 01. 2014 at 16:03

Do you see an error message

The file named “xxxxxx.xxx” could not be moved to the Recycle Bin

when you try to delete a photo from your Lightroom catalogue


One way around this is to delete the file from the Windows directory and then go back to Lightroom and delete the catalogued image thumbnail. But that’s a work around and painfully slow. The better approach is to run Lightroom at Administrator level, as some files need Admin-level to be deleted.

Close Lightroom and reopen, but this time right-click the Lightroom icon and choose “Run as Administrator”

Now when you chose delete from within Lightroom the file will be deleted.

cURL extension required

25. 09. 2013 at 11:17

I’m installing OpenCart on a localhost WAMP server.

I came across an error at Step 2 of the Pre-Installation stage

opencart-installThe status for Extensions showed a red – against cURL.

After a bit of Google research several options were found.

One was to enable cURL extension by going to the php.ini file and removing the semi colon in front of the line


In my case that was already removed so the extension was supposedly enabled

Next check the the localhost index/menu page for loaded extensions.  I noticed that curl was not listed

After checking the php.info page (accessed from localhost index/menu page) details of curl were missing

I then read that I may have the curl extension. Apparently you need the one to match your php install. So I checked my version of php (found on the localhost index/menu page) 5.4.3 and downloaded the equivalent Fixed curl extension from here: http://www.anindya.com/php-5-4-3-and-php-5-3-13-x64-64-bit-for-windows/
Once unzipped the php_curl.dll file needs to be placed in the ext folder of php. C/wamp/bin/php/php5.4.3/ext

That worked and replaced the red error with the necessary green tick.

Logitech Duet – player not found

12. 09. 2013 at 10:53

Why not I can see it!!!!!!

Have you been struggling to connect your Logitech Media player to your network so you can play music from your computer on your hifi – I have too. No matter how much you search all you find is more and more people with the same problem and an endless stream of answers and you try all the suggested things and it still doesn’t connect? Yes me too.

A seven step switch off and on routine with a rest to factory default didn’t work

Changing WAP to WEP didn’t work

Rebooting Router didn’t work

Taking out controller battery and checking MAC no didn’t work

Setting Router to different settings didn’t work

Moving Router / controller / player didn’t work

Going back / or forward on the operating system didn’t work

So here’s the definite answer to get the Logitech DUET working.

1 Unplug the Logitech Reciever

2 Switch off the Logitech controller

3 Hold the controller in the left hand and place you right hand on your left shoulder

4 Raise your left leg and place your foot in a yoga position on you right knee

5 Do not lose balance!!!!

6 Close your eyes and think of a nice place

7 Stay in the position  for 23 minutes

8 hopefully when you switch back on and try to connect it will now work – it has as much chance as any of the other suggestions!!!!

9  If not, go and search some more forums for another solution feeling far more relaxed


Seriously Logitech really need to sort this out. I have a TV with an internet USB dongle. The Logitech player was picked up on that and I didn’t have to do anything. I can play music on my TV so why not on my HIFI?!!!

Illogitech! That’s why

There’s a saying RTFM (read the f***ing manual) And I would certainly advice that with this product. Most of what’s repeated in the forums is what’s already in the manual…and on one occasion doing what was suggested in there did get me back up and running, but the correct procedure doesn’t work every time. http://www.logitech.com/images/pdf/userguides/eng/Logitech_Squeezebox_Duet-ENG.pdf